Hey! I'm Sonu Jatav and So Glad You're Here.

I'm more of this kind "A little bit of everything with a little bit from everywhere."
A highly focused and self-motivated individual with excellent creativity and problem-solving skills, keen on executing deadline-driven tasks. Excellent work ethic with a passion for Technology, Computer, Visual Effects(VFX), Animation and Motion Graphics.

I like to Draw and Paint, Dance, play Chess, solve Rubik's Cube, Gym, PUBG PC, listen to Audio Books, watch web series, first movie shows and meditate to connect with nature and universe. 

Okay! Let's be more open, I educated from a central boarding school Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Bohani, B.com graduate from Laxmipati College Bhopal, MP. and now I'm an independent person, thanks to the skills I've learned so far.

I'm just like you. A middle-class boy with big dreams, desire to achieve more and be successful in life, love family, living with friends, teenage dramas. Sometimes, a broken heart with a big smile. I've been hitting rock bottom for uncountable number, just like you did and learning how this world works, how people are and so much more. What's the catch then, I never give up, I learn and rise again and again.

I just feel these few lines of a poem by Shivmangal Singh 'Suman' and move on...

"क्‍या हार में क्‍या जीत में
किंचित नहीं भयभीत मैं
संधर्ष पथ पर जो मिले

यह भी सही वह भी सही।"

I always wanted to write and share, actually, I am one of those people who thinks a lot, just like many of you. I've been thinking about it for a very long time. Just thinking, and you know that thinking isn't enough. so I stopped thinking for a while and started doing and here I am with you, writing this blog.

Let me share another secret of mine, I'm a big fan of Sandeep Maheshwari sir, many of you may already know him as an amazing personality enlightening way of millions of youngsters and I'm one of them.

Whenever I wanna do something new, I repeat a few words to myself which he said

"आसान है,आसान है, ..आसान है।" 

which follows vary decisions I make in my life. After making any decision, there is something that drives me, a poem by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan...

"जब नाव जल में छोड़ दी

तूफ़ान में ही मोड़ दी

दे दी चुनौती सिंधु को

फिर धार क्या मझधार क्या"

And with this, I am really thankful that you're here. I hope you enjoy it. Please share it.

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