Conflicts of a broken heart - Sonu Jatav

Love tale fancies everyone, don't they?

I've been loved by many and been betrayed by many. You learn a lot more when you have a broken heart. This journey between, a broken heart to a healed one, will make you wise. You start to see things the way they are.

You feel like you accepted the reality. It's been a long time and you're healing from your past traumas. All I ever wanted was to forget all uneasy moments and move on with my life. Every day for a few years the first thought I'd have would be of her. It made me happy and unhappy sometimes.

Time passed and now I'd remember her and feel her absence every once in a while, maybe in weeks and I'd become sad, go nuts, but maybe smile sometimes for the sake of best lived days. You'd understand all of it, maybe today or some other day! It all will make sense.

Now it's been really a long time. The pain started to fade away, I can't recall much now. There was a time I eagerly wanted and waited for all of it to just fade away. I recall the heavy heart with love and loss but there is no heartache now. It knows that all those moments were best but It doesn't long for any of it anymore. Peace comes with time, no human can escape it.

I long time ago I wanted to forget, and now that it had been a long time, my heart wants to remember. Maybe it is healed. To all the people out there, don't worry much, go easy on yourselves, it all gets better and better until a day when you realize that any of it didn't really matter and start living your life.

And with a piece of advice...

Plant a tree. Use disposable bags. Save water. Survival on our beloved planet matters a lot more than any of us. Peace.