I love my best friend. I proposed her. She rejected my proposal. But she wants me as her friend? P2

This is part 02 of the blog. Read part 01 here

It's been three years since I wrote that blog and I'm going to tell you how things turned out for me. I've received around a hundred emails with the same issue and guess what I wasn't alone the way I felt.

I used to talk to her every day until I decided not to, It's been almost three years, and I don't even remember how that voice sounded, the same voice I once felt great comfort listening to.

I love my best friend. I proposed her. She rejected my proposal. But she wants me as her friend? Part 02 By Sonu jatav

How did it end?

Obviously, you can't fight the person you love. For the sake of the good times we had together, we just stopped talking to each other and I literally knew things would get ugly If we try to talk. It was just the time for it. Took a few weeks to completely get rid of unwanted interruptions, deleting, and unfollowing each other, and a promise to never look back.

Did you try to contact her?

Well, to be honest, I did it two times. Once to just wish her on birthday, I couldn't resist cause we had a deal back then that we could wish each other even If we are not on the same page. Then came my birthday and she didn't, and there's that, never happened again. Yet, lol.

The second time when someone me that told her father is sick so I asked how she and her father is and will be there If she need any help. But of course, she didn't need it but thanked me anyway.

The less you know the better, I don't know where she is or what she's doing, zero!

Did she try to contact you?

No, never. Hat's off for that, something to learn!

Did you miss her?

Well, truly, never goes a day without missing her, someone or something always makes me remember her, like a memory I can't fully remember but it's there! Unlike before I never go running back to her, I have learned to live with it.

Did you stalk her on social media?

Yes, I did it a couple of times, Luckily there is nothing to stalk! Just a handful of so-called mutual friends.

Did you talk to your friends about it?

Straight No! They love to see you miserable except for a real two-three friend who knows you to your core self.

Where are you in life?

Well, It's more about me and my family, I work hard so I can feed my family, and I have a loving brother and super caring sister. I have been working on my animation/VFX skills. I sometimes get lonely so I listen to music and talk to my friends. Sometimes I just like being alone.

Okay, that's it for today! Do write me emails! Tell me how are things with you? Hope everything is just fine.