In Search Of GOD! Did I found? - By Sonu Jatav

I've been thinking about God and just kept wondering about it for a very long time. I'm not gonna bore you with a little piece of advice that this post doesn't intend to hurt anyone's emotions or beliefs whatsoever. Just be a little open-minded and let's see GOD!

Have you ever been asked that did you ever see a God? Or let me have the courtesy of asking you that, Did you see a God yet?

God works in mysterious ways. He gave us food, water, shelter, and whatever was needed for our survival. There are many amazing and beautiful things that are given to us by the grace of the almighty God!

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived in a small village who liked to observe nature, the beautiful trees, and the greenery around him. He'd love to see birds flying and ants carrying the food. He'd feel the air he breathe and the water he drank.

One day, while he was sitting alone, observing the connection between everything around, how one insect bringing food for its family became the meal of a hen which laid eggs and a few new life was born in from of new chickens. There were life and death, good and bad' love, and indifferences. Something was good for someone and the same was bad for something.

There was a balance between everything, it was like a cycle, round and round. But there was one thing that remains constant since the beginning of time Or I should say "The core of existence", Responsible for the survival of different species and the extinction of another species. It was there before our time and will be after our time.

'THE GOD?' Unknown voice.

No, I was about to say "NATURE". He said.

Since the beginning of time, It has everything to offer to mankind, living, non-living things, and other species. The air, food, water, and shelter, and whatnot.

'Where is it? I can't see it?" Unknown voice.

It is everywhere. you're a part of nature. The air you breathe but can't see is nature. Food, Water, Fire, and everything is part of nature. The fire that saved a man from a lion is god for him. The water that a thirsty man found in a desert is by the grace of God? or Mother Nature? There are numerous examples.

That's up to us and what we believe in.

Mankind just needed something simple to hold onto, something that is beyond the questioning.

"What do you suggest?" Unknown voice.

Who am I to suggest. I just hope that we fulfill our needs, not greed, never hurt mother nature in a long run, and do not bring imbalance.

It doesn't take much to realize that hurting mother nature is just like 'shoot oneself in the foot.' Which will bring nothing but chaos.

Nature provided every resource that we needed.

Nature has everything to offer to mankind's survival for years.

Nature is not just about mankind but millions of other species, creator of everything.

Nature is the greatest teacher.

Nature is the flow that kept continuing since the beginning of time.

Nature is God.

PS: I did not mean to offend anyone's sentiments. Do write to me If you liked this one and I will definitely reply to you. See you in the next post, friend.