Patience - Sonu Jatav's First Blog on Life Lessons.

Life is very interesting yet complicated.

Hello Friends,

Let me show you where we were and where are we now. We've developed ourselves through thousands of years, we used to travel the world just by walking days over acres of land. We used to hunt for food. We've been given many survival instincts & skills through the genetic codes of our elders. There was no internet or nothing sort of electronic thing. There are things that's been changing and have changed.

Our life became easier in that way, we've 4G/5G internet, 24x7 connected to the world, it takes a few seconds to get to know what's happing around the globe. We have social media platforms like Facebook Twitter YouTube and so on... which spreads any news as a fire in the forest. We order food which is delivered to us likely within 30 minutes.

Every entrepreneur in this working for us, to make our life easier in a way or the other to fulfill our pleasurable needs.

The thing is, we are losing one of the most important surviving skill PATIENCE.

We've got attached to these faster modern services, so tremendously that we can't even imagine. It kinda suffocates if there is no electricity or internet outage even for a few minutes. We are likely to lose patience if food isn't delivered within said time.

[Frankly speaking, here in India, only the government department teaches us patience. You will barely get something done on time. (pun intended) haha...]

Patience is really important friends, understand I am just like you. I understand and can feel each one of you. Due to the lack of patience people tend to quit on so many things, people and ideas in their life. We usually forget that great things are not built over midnight, it takes time among great other things like hard work putting in a smart way. You will succeed in life definitely, great things will happen to you, just need to have a lot of patience.

I don't even know how many people gonna read it, but this is something I always wanted to do, share with people, community and with the world. In case if you're having a bad day, please understand that it will not always be the same, it will change definitely. You're adorable and lovable. Keep working to achieve your goal.

Do whatever it takes to achieve what you want in your life, Never give up, Never give up even in those darkest hours where you feel completely helpless.

Like any other Indian middle-class boy, I've faced a hell of a lot of things. I've stories that finished and unfinished, but either way, I've learned from them. I will share the stories and lessons I learned from them. Hoping that someday this post will change someone's heart for better, someone will never give up on dreams & life after reading this.

This is Sonu Jatav, Hope to see you soon, You have a great time ahead!

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