Some Unsaid Rules in India - Sonu Jatav aka jnvsonu52

  1. You must take off your shoes as you enter someone’s house.

  2. No sex before marriage. Losing virginity before marriage is considered some sort of crime.

  3. Ask your guests if they would like “thanda ya garam” (hot or cold).

  4. If you're sick or something, try Paracetamol, drink turmeric milk or whatever elders say, try everything until things get out of hands or before having an appointment with the doctor.

  5. If you are a girl and a guy has come over to work on homework with you then don’t take him to your room or your parents will think something else (the same thing goes for guys).

  6. Girls keep your eyes low when a guy (possible future husband) has come to see you. Don’t fire back at elders. Respect them even if they have said something bad, keep your mouth shut.

  7. Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! (usually with poor people)

  8. If you can’t find a bathroom near you, then you can pee on the road if you are a guy, but, girls you gotta hold that urine.

  9. Must have kids within 1–3 years of marriage.

  10. Don’t make fun of cricket.

  11. Don’t make fun of Tea. (Chai)

  12. Cheap alcohol might kill you but it is always better than no alcohol.

  13. There is a bro-code and a sis-code and they are virtually identical.

  14. Celebrities are God even if they have done something bad *ahem ahem Salman Khan*

  15. Traffic rules are meant to be broken. Go ahead and forget about the red light. At the traffic signal: Green – Go, Yellow – Go, Red – Go faster.

  16. If someone gives your child money for some festival then you must give their child money as well.

  17. Don’t tell your parents if you have boyfriends or girlfriends unless your parents are understanding.

  18. If you are women then you are supposed to gossip about others.

  19. If someone asks you what career you want, then just tell them that you want to be an engineer or a doctor or else they will start ranting that you should be a doctor or engineer.

  20. Everything has a hack. Doing “jugad” is our thing. (we literally find hacks in everything we do).

  21. If you have a relative who is famous or is in politics then no police can stop you.

  22. Parents hugging in front of their kids make them look shameless.

There are many more rules that we, Indians follow but there are too many to mention.