Hey You! What's up?

The choices we have made so far are the very foundation of the circumstances we're in today and what we choose to do today will reflect on the rest of our lives.

There are times in your life when either you have a hell of choices or none of it. And the way I was fated, the fate I was given, I didn't have much of a choice, and when I realized this I had an epiphany. People who don't have any choice can follow their hearts, passion, anything they love, anything they truly believe in.

When you don't have much to lose, what worse could happen to you, you will survive any situation cause you'll be fearless.

Be fearless, be passionate be everything but stupid. The moment you choose wrong is the moment your endless suffering begins. Choose to be helpful, show compassion when others could not.

I feel a void that I've been carrying around me. I know how it feels to be lonely, not accepted the way you wanted. No matter how hard the shit hits, you can always choose, you can choose to live a miserable pitiful life and drop the ball or you could choose to bounce back by turning loneliness into solitude and letting everything process and become wise and patient. The fury of a patient man is unmatched in all aspects of life. Choose to live it, really live it.