Were you born between or around 1985 and 1995? It's awesome. Know Why? - Sonu Jatav

People born near or between 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation of all time. Here’s why:

They are in-between two generations: the one before the internet and technology took over and the generation after.

The generation before us was old school and believed in working hard.

The generation after us believes in working smart.

We saw it all: Radio, TV, Mario, Waptrick, Nokia, Nintendo 64, Samsung, iPhone, PS4, Tape, CD, DVD, MIXit, MIG32, Netflix, Snapchat, Emojis, and Virtual reality…

The generation before us can be scammed with simple emails asking for money and offering love.

The generation after us knows it’s better to have four emails: one for serious stuff, social media, financial transactions and one for experiments for things you don’t trust

We are the generation that knows the tradition and can question it… picking from it what makes sense to us.

The generation before us knew no questions. The generation after us knows no tradition.

We are the gap between the industrial age and the internet age.

We understand both sides from experience.

We should be running the world!

The old guys don’t understand what’s going on anymore; the new guys don’t fully understand where what’s going on came from.

We are the ones who used postcards to send a message to our long-distance relatives or friends & wait for days to get a reply. From that to now, we also use WhatsApp, Messenger & online means to send and receive messages in a few seconds.

We played all kinds of games before and after the internet like "Luka Chhupi, Chor Police, Gully Cricket, Kanche, Gend Dada, Soleh Sadi, Antaakshari (Hindi Words)" to "Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Pubg, Call Of Duty & more." And these are the most beautiful moments of our lives.

We are the generation who bought 16 pieces of toffee for 1 INR and now sometimes we also pay 60 INR for one toffee.

We've seen hundreds of hair-styles designs, clothing patterns, listened to songs from the 70s-80s to today's hip-hop and raps. Including all of it, there is so much more.

We are proud of being a know-it-all generation.