What I think about Love and BreakUp - Sonu Jatav

Falling in love...

Have you ever closed your eyes under the sun? When you open them, everything is colored in a blue hue. Falling in love is just like that.

Smiling without reason, starting to look beauty in things you've never even noticed before. Loving someone purely is amazing, feels good. Being loved back by the same person you love, It's the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

The most beautiful thing, it's doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, a lot of patience.

The bonding of love will become stronger every day, It'll be the accumulation of every little moment you had or having. Day by day, you develop a strong bond of love & trust.

But things don't always go as planned, you may break up one day, never think it's just happened overnight. It's gonna be the accumulation of lots of every little thing, every ignored message, phone calls and lies you told.

There's someone you love the most. That person is the one who you can trust the most. Then there is the fear of losing that person. One gives you pleasure and other drains you away. You can say if there's trust then there's no need to fear or be worried about but here is the thing, our brain is hardwired for this, we can't control it.

Then what's the solution, the odds of working out on it!??

Well, there will be consequences, either way. Take some time to think over it,

Sometimes we never know how much one could lose over some pointless drama.

Nowadays it's hard to find love, If someone loves you, care about a lot, never let them go. Things aren't easy in life, we need to have patience with people.

Loving someone is not always about being together, a relationship requires two-way communication. It needs people who are not willing to give up on each other at any cost. If this is not the scenario, you're caught into one way relationship. It's pure but too heavy because it's not shared with the people you love. You can't always be happy carrying so much emotional weight on your shoulders.

Share it with the people you love. And If things go south, they don't need it, let them go, sometimes this is the best thing you can do to yourself. We can't hold anyone against their wills. Set them free. If they love you, If you matter to them, they will come back to you anyway. Meanwhile, you'll be learning the most important lessons in your life.

No article can make you fully understand this, but this is something we all going to learn in our lives in a way or the other. You'll be happy and making good decisions in your life.

"You cannot make someone love you. This is an absolute rule. No one will ever love you because you want him or her to give it. Real love moves freely in both directions. Don't waste your time on anything else."

This was my opinion and I'm Sonu Jatav, the writer of this blog. See you soon in another post. I hope you liked it, share it on Facebook and WhatsApp. Thanks for reading.