Why does it hurt so much?

Welcoming people into our lives is so easy and joyful, seeing them become a part of our life is beautiful. They bring joy into our lives.

Once I had someone in my life. This unexpected girl came into my life. She was a wonderful soul, a fair share of god's gift given to me. I was so into here that I could accept all her flaws without any question. I wish I could hold her in my arms and whisper that you're mine.

I had my strongest bond with her which still makes me wanna pen more. If she was with me then probably I won't be here writing all this experience instead would be sharing with her as I used to share every little thing. That's the privilege I had. I loved her and had my biggest experience of my life so far. It was just so beautiful, so strong, that when we had to put it on pause, It left a huge void that still not filled with anything, a vast empty space in the heart.

It did hurt a lot, It did shatter me into pieces, It did cause a lot of pain. The pain which had no medicine. I'm not sure but so might have happened with her as well. I am sharing my pain here and she may be sharing somewhere else.

But the truth is, Breaking up is very painful. Be it mutual or one-sided, It hurts and causes a lot of pain.

Nonetheless, Why does it hurt so much?

"It hurt so much cause it was real."

It was real and pure, far from anything that can be fabricated. So real that only a heart could tell. If you get it, you get it. If you don't, you just don't. The wounds will heal over a period of time but there will always be scars. I tell you one thing, you'd never wanna get these scars off completely. They are there to remind you that what you had once and It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Scars are not meant to be forgotten but to be embraced with love. They are the proof that you can love and be loved, proof that you could be vulnerable, proof that you let your guard down and bestowed your whole heart to someone you thought was the one.

Proof that you did it and you could do it again.

And when the moon is bright and the sky is filled, scars will fade and love to be filled.

In the memories of My Love. Peace!